**Course is Launching TODAY at 4pm! PST**

**Course is Launching TODAY at 4pm!!! PST**

My $1,000,000 Store Revealed 
A Step By Step Detailed Program for Beginners to Experts
See my products, ads and Strategies of Exactly How I Start, Launch & Scale my stores to +$30k Per month in profit.
  • Literally ZERO  Prior Knowledge Needed
  • See Exactly what I do Starting from Scratch, to Scaling.
  • Use this Strategy From anywhere in the World
2.0 Accelerator Bundle 
($997 Value)
Included Free During Launch
  • +20 New Videos: Enhanced Step-by-Step Training
  • Secret Profit Pack: New Tactics & Strategies working right now in 2020
  • Bi-Weekly Mentorship: LIVE Q&A Strategy Calls 
  • FREE Lifetime Updates: Newest Cutting edge strategies uploaded into your account 
  • ​This is all added to your dashboard + 2.0 Release Course
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With in the 1st week of launching, 
students were seeing success.

Profitable business in the 1st week!

Made +$1,000 Profit 3 days in...

And the same thing the next day!

Below is Val, 5 days in
made $500 Profit for the week

then the next day made $200 profit

Why is this Program Working so well?
Even for Complete Beginners?
Because You'll see my live store as I guide you step by step showing exactly what's working. 
Go from Zero to Expert, See my Live Store, See what is working.
See exactly what makes a successful business💰
This was massive scaling strategies put to use & the profit margins increased as well.
The secret here is understanding the pattern of what makes these stores work. So throughout the course you will be seeing examples after examples and eventually it will become obvious why certain things work & you will be able to launch any new store successfully on your own.
This was massive scaling strategies put to use & the profit margins increased as well.
We go over every advanced tactic I use 🏆
Even if you are brand new to all this, I guide you through to becoming an expert. 
I show you all the nitty gritty details and build everything with you. The entire setup is covered in this program so even if you are a complete beginner, you can just watch the videos and implememnt. 
The Detailed A-Z Program You've been waiting for
There is absolutely nothing left out
Before I tell you more about this program, let me ask you a few questions:
 Are you having trouble knowing the best way to  start and launch your store?
 Is it hard to find the right products you feel confident to try and unsure of what criterias you should look for?
 Do you run into fluctuations as soon as you launch your ads?
 Are you unsure how to scale and take your business to a consistent +$100k profit per year?
 Are you looking for extremly in depth details of how I run my businesses profitably everyday?
 Are you looking for just a start to finish walkthrough of exactly what is working and why?
The reason I ask these questions is because , yes all of these are covered in the program, but - all of these are just a few issues that eventually you will run into because starting a successful business is extremely taboo. It's not taught in schools and it's hard to find people that actually go deep with knowledge and truely understand why things work so they can teach it. 

I really can teach you everything it takes to get your business off the ground and profitable. I know you have the drive if you are here, you just need detailed direction and this will all click for you.
$100 Discount
+ Free 2.0 Accelerator Bundle 
+ Notified as soon as this Sale is LIVE 
here's what's crazy...
the course wasn't even released yet...
Below are People who took just 1 tactic from my youtube and got results... lol 
$9,800 Profit in 1 Month
Within 24 hours...
Within 24 hours... lol
100k with Google Shopping
Take A Sneak Peek At The Content Inside The Academy! 
First we go over the setup, then as the modules progress we go over advanced strategies and tactics!
Module 1
The Intro
 (1.1) Welcome
 (1.2) How the course is structured
 (1.3) Complete +$1,000,000 Store Reveal
 (1.4) Rules & Prep before starting
Module 2
Product research Mastery
52 Minutes
 (2.1) Product Research List Overview
 (2.2) Me Analyzing Different Products
 (2.3) Secret Tool to Find Odd Niches + Ideas
 (2.4) Advanced Product Research Methods (My Favorite)
 (2.5) Using Filters to Narrow Down Broad Ideas
Module 3
Over the Shoulder Store Setup
 (3.1) Complete Store Setup Walk Through
 (3.2) The Essential Apps (+ Secret Shopping App)
The rest is covered in Technical Setups :)
Module 4
Technical Setups Made Easy
 (4.1) Data Tactics with Merchant Center
 (4.2) Google App to Merchant Center
 (4.3) Advanced Edited Google Conversion Code
 (4.4) Merchant Center Landmines
 (4.5) Final Linking
Module 5
Copy my $10k per Day Landing Page
 (5.1) Overview of my Winning Landing Page
 (5.2) Building the Page from Scratch
(5.3) Adding Social Proof
 (5.4) The Dangerous Pricing & Bundles Strategy
 (5.5) The Modern Logo
 (5.6) The Million Dollar Color Scheme
 (5.7) Homepage + Finishing Touches
Module 6
Phase 1 - The $10k Launch
 (6.1) How to Start Correctly
 (6.2) Google Ads Initial Set Up
 (6.3) SKAGS - Long Tail Keywords
 (6.4) Setting up Successful Shopping Campaigns
 (6.5) Ranking Our Google Shopping Titles
 (6.6) High CTR Google Shopping Image
 (6.7) A sneak Peak in the Future, FB.
 (6.8) Analyzing our Results from Ads
Module 7
Phase 2 - The $10k Growth
 (7.1) Supplier and Alibaba Walkthrough
 (7.2) Landing Page on Steroids to Scale
 (7.3) Complete Columns Setup
 (7.4) Optimizing Our Search Campaigns
 (7.5) Advanced Demographics & Device Tactics
 (7.6) Shopping Campaign Initial Optimization
 (7.7) Transitioning Correctly into Phase 3
Module 8
PHASE 3 - THE $100K Foundation
 (8.1) Custom Content Strategies
 (8.2) Automation & Hiring Mastery
 (8.3) Advanced Shopping Strategy to Scale (How I did It)
 (8.4) Google Shopping Advanced Scaling (Setting it up)
 (8.5) Advanced Shopping Titles Walkthrough
 (8.6) Ranking the Shopping Descriptions
 (8.7) Overview of All Star Keyword Campaigns
 (8.8) ALL Star Scaling Campaign
 (8.9) How to Adjust Campaigns
Module 9
Phase 4 - The $100k Scaling
 (9.1) Crazy 100k per/month Shopping Strategy
 (9.2) Negative Keywords Setup for the Funnel 
 (9.3) Adding a new Campaign to the Shopping Funnel 
 (9.4) Target ROAS Switch Strategy
 (9.5) My x7.8 ROAS Retargeting Strategy
 (9.6) The Segmented Audience Creation
Bonus 1
Office Hours
Every other Friday I conduct a live hour-long Q&A session in our private Zoom meeting. Every session is recorded and added to the course video library. When you join you have access to all past office hour recordings.
Bonus 2
Ad Audits
Every other Friday I audit student ads, landing pages and ecommerce stores live in our private Zoom meeting. These sessions are recorded and uploaded to the course just like Office Hours.
Bonus 3
Ad HAcks
I regularly create short videos that feature a single tip, tactic or strategy. These ad hacks are shared in the private Zoom group and uploaded to the course video library as well.
Live Training Schedule
Join me every Friday at 6 pm EST on Zoom. for our weekly live training. 

1st week of the month: Office Hours 

2nd week of the month: Ad Audits

3rd week of the month: Office Hours

4th week of the month: Ad Audits

*If there are 5 weeks in the month, the 5th week will be Office Hours training. 
These three bonuses are part of the Ad IQ Group Training. You Will Receive The Ad IQ Group Training 
For Free The First Three Months. After The First Three Months, Access To Ad IQ Group Training Is 
$197 Per Month And Is Billed Automatically. 
$100 Discount
+ Free 2.0 Accelerator Bundle 
+ Notified as soon as this Sale is LIVE 
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Disclaimer: Sales figures and campaign results listed above or in my marketing material are not typical and are the result of years of training, experimenting and learning from mistakes. These figures and results are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors. 

Made in California @100k Launch & Scale Academy
As you may have seen, with any education that includes making moeny, comes tons of disclaimers and the need to protect yourself since it's a very cut throat space. So here is the good ole disclaimer. 

*Earnings and income representations made by Charlie Brandt, 100k Launch & Scale Academy, and their advertisers/sponsors (collectively, "100k Launch & Scale") are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These results are not typical and results will vary. The results on this page are OUR results and from years of testing. We can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results. The sales figures stated above are our personal sales figures and those of students that worked extremely hard. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of doing internet marketing for 3+ years, and have an established following as a result. The average person who follows any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, this is not for you.