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Last Updated on June 1st, 2020


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Our Clear Action Based Refund Guarantee On All 100k Academy Purchases

I know that if you follow this course to the T, you will get hooked and believe for yourself that this works. Yes you will need to make tweaks and follow the protocols in the course for pivoting in different scenarios but this is how so many students are seeing success. However, in order to avoid pirating and fraud, we/I offer an action based refund guarantee. You and Charlie both make a commitment to put your full 100% effort and "pivoting" and reading data is absolutely essential to making this work.

In order to qualify for a refund you have to respect the work and effort put into this program and follow it!! So you must do the following within 30 days.

1. Did not watch more than 60% of content. Binge watching the course and then requesting a refund disqualifies this policy completely. Charlie lays out his entire business and strategy early in the course and clearly says in the first video - to watch each video in sequence and then implement. There are a ton of instructional tutorials, so If you watched more than 50% of the content then there is no exception for a full refund.

2. Followed the exact product research criteria, launch criteria and did your first test and prepared for iterations. Iterations/changes are important with your first launch so now we will transition into analyzing the data and interacting with the group.

2. Ask coaches and piers in the group for help. If you the first launch is not getting traction then it is mandatory you interact in the group and make your first round of small tweaks as laid out in the course - you have a full community behind you to get you moving towards success.

3. Applied the new Suggestions and Iterations from the coaches. It's very likely that in order to apply the strategy, you may need to hear it from different angles and perspectives. So it's important to apply the suggestions and see the new results!!

This strategy works - if you end up trying to piece together different parts of this strategy with another strategy - it will NOT work. So it's important you interact with the group and watch the videos several times and trust the process. This is being replicated over and over - there is no reason why you cant strike success.

This is the best opportunity to create a successful business, if you can’t commit to this then more than likely it’s going to be tough to stumble across something easier.

Charlie Brandt

Founder of

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